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Find Out Why People Keep Coming Back for Our Service


“Marilyn had suggested doing a hot stone massage on my constant tight neck and shoulder muscles.

The hot stones started to feel amazing almost immediately!! The pain I felt in my neck before the massage has now gone away. I can turn my neck all the way to the left with no pain, and put my left arm pretty high up behind my back, which I could not do before. I feel as if my whole body has come alive.

I equated the hot stones to feeling like a piece of hot toast that you just put butter on, you could really feel the heat penetrate deeply into your muscles. I could actually feel the blood and oxygen flowing from my head to my toes. I felt a sense of being a totally new person!! I also felt all the toxins in my body were trying to leave as quickly as possible. I will definitely be back for more!

You Rock!!”

Susan Sepaul

Continential Airlines Flight Attendant

Quebec, Canada

Yelp Review

(August 11, 2018, 6:56 pm)

We had some of the best massages here at Spa 105 when we were visiting San Antonio! We were looking for a nice massage while visiting and called and were able to get an appoinment within 2 hours. We did a couple's massage for 90 minutes.

We showed up (there is a large parking lot) and filled out some quick paperwork and were quickly taken to our room.. The room was the perfect temperature and tables were very comfortable. Marilyn and Lori were our masseuses and they were amazing.   Marilyn did my massage she was maybe the best masseuse I've ever had. Her pressure was even and firm. She knew areas to focus on without me even telling her. My hubby said that Lori was equally amazing. She found the problem areas and worked on them instinctively. We both left feeling just amazing.

At the end of our massages, Marilyn and Lori walked us out and gave us cold waters. They were so friendly and chatted with us or a bit. If we ever go back to San Antonio, this will be the first place we visit. 

Lisa G.

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